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The Black Hills Institute has conducted research and business with institutions around the U.S. and abroad. Due to the fine craftsmanship in specimen unearthing, preparing, molding, and mounting, our fossils and fossil replicas have been sought after for nearly four decades. They are utilized by researchers, museums and even educational attractions, by those looking for the finest quality specimens for their endeavors.

Exhibits of the Past

The types of museum quality specimens we can provide have grown and changed over the years just as our company has. We have supplied a wide variety of fossils, from ammonites and other invertebrates, to plants, fishes, reptiles, dinosaurs, and mammals. Many world-wide museum displays contain fossils obtained from or prepared by BHI.

Some notable, large fossil exhibits from BHI may be viewed at the United States National Museum (Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.) in the 'Back to the Sea Hall'; The Memphis Pink Palace Museum (Memphis, Tennessee) in 'The Paleo Hall'; The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology (Drumheller, Alberta, Canada), encompassing many of the non-dinosaur remains; The National Science Museum of Japan (Tokyo) which displays Oligocene mammals and dinosaurs; or the Houston Museum of Science (Houston, Texas) which displays dinosaurs and some invertebrate fossils acquired from us.

In 1995, Black Hills Institute, Aurora Oval and Tokyo Broadcasting Systems of Tokyo, Japan organized the T. rex World Exhibition. This was the largest accumulation of T. rex material in one spot since the Cretaceous period. This exhibition toured three cities in Japan before returning home to Hill City in 1996. We have also been involved with large temporary exhibitions for Dinofest (in Indianapolis, Indiana; Phoenix, Arizona; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). We provided a large number of fossils and cast replicas for the 'Raptors to Rexes' exhibits in Michigan and Ohio; and we were involved with 'The Great Dinosaur Extinction Exhibition' at the Mesa Southwestern Museum (Mesa, Arizona) during 1996.

In 1998 BHI and Triebold Paleontology assembled a major exhibition of original fossils and cast replicas for the Dinosaur Jubilee at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. This large exhibition featured the incredible fishes, reptiles, dinosaurs, and other life that existed at the end of the Cretaceous period just before the mass extinction. In 1999, we organized two major temporary exhibitions featuring ammonites in Tokyo and the other in Munich, Germany.

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You can find displays from the Black Hills Institute at the following institutions:

In the US


Some institutions that have recieved specimen donations from BHI:

In the US

  • Alaska University Museum
    Fairbanks, AK

  • American Museum of Natural History
    New York, NY

  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Denver Museum of Natural History
    Denver, CO

  • Field Museum of Natural History
    Chicago, IL

  • Harvard University
    Museum of Comparative Zoology
    Cambridge, MA

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science
    Houston, TX

  • Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Museum of the Rockies
    Montana State University
    Bozeman, MT

  • Pennsylvania State University
    Department of Geosciences
    University Park, PA

  • Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science
    Philadelphia, PA

  • Science Museum of Minnesota
    Saint Paul, MN

  • Museum of Geology
    South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
    Rapid City, SD

  • Tate Museum @ Casper College
    Casper, WY

  • U. S. Department of the Interior
    United States Geological Survey
    Lakewood, CO

  • U. S. National Museum of Natural History
    Smithsonian Institution
    Washington, DC

  • University of Arizona
    Department of Geosciences
    Tucson, AZ

  • University of Indiana
    Department of Geology
    Bloomington, IN

  • University of Kansas
    Department of Paleontology
    Lawrence, KS

  • University of New Orleans
    Department of Geology & Geophysics
    New Orleans, LA

  • University of Wisconsin @ Madison
    Geology Museum
    Madison, WI


  • Academia Sinica
    Beijing, People's Republic of China

  • British Museum of Natural History
    London, England, Great Britain

  • Canadian National Museum
    National Museum of Natural Science
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Manitoba University
    Department of Earth Sciences
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • Museum of Man & Nature
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • Museo de Situ
    Sacaco, Peru

  • Museum of Ica
    Ica, Peru

  • National Museum of Wales
    Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

  • Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum
    Leiden, Netherlands

  • National Science Museum
    Natural History Institute
    Tokyo, Japan

  • Royal Ontario Museum
    Department of Invertebrate Palæontology
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
    Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

  • Toyohashi Museum of Natural History
    Toyohashi City, Japan

  • Universidad del Peru, Decana de America
    Museo de Historia Natural 'Javier Prado'
    Lima, Peru

  • Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
    de la Collection des Mineraux de la Faculte des Sciences
    Paris, France
Some BHI specimens utilized in research:


Specimen Type

University of Kansas Brule Fmn canids
Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Cretaceous Amber
US Geological Survey Cretaceous ammonites
University of Kansas Cretaceous birds
American Museum of Natural History Cretaceous cephalopods
Yale Peabody Museum Cretaceous cephalopods
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palæontology Cretaceous dinosaur material
University of Chicago Cretaceous mammal jaw
US Geological Survey-Smithsonian Institution Cretaceous mollusks
US Geological Survey-Smithsonian Institution Cretaceous mollusks
University of Kansas Cretaceous Pterosaur material
Metro Zoo @ Miami Cretaceous sharks teeth
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palœontology Edmontosaurus bone (pathologic)
University of Wisconsin @ Madison Edmontosaurus skull
US National Museum Green River Fmn birds
US National Museum Green River Fmn birds
Texas Memorial Museum Green River Fmn butterflies
Kent State University Green River Fmn crustaceans
Field Museum of Natural History Green River Fmn frog, fishes, crustaceans, insects & plants
US National Museum Green River Fmn plants
Auburn University Green River Fmn turtles
University of Minnesota Hell Creek Fmn mollusks
American Museum of Natural History Jurassic fishes
University of Toronto Mesosaurus
US National Museum Miocene birds
Science Museum of Minnesota Miocene crocodilian
University of Kansas Miocene Leptarcines
Smithsonian Institution Miocene seals, sloth & walrus skull
Los Angeles County Museum Miocene whales
University of Kansas Oligocene beavers
University of Kansas Oligocene bird material
Ralph B. Clark Interior Center Oligocene cats
University of Colorado Oligocene eggs
University of Wisconsin @ Madison Oligocene Leptauchenias
American Museum of Natural History Oligocene mammals
Georgia College Oligocene rodents
University of Kansas Pennsylvanian Coelacanthidae
University of Kansas Pennsylvanian fishes
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology Plio-Pleistocene salamander

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