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Many of the pictures produced for BHI over the years are primarily the work of Ed Gerken of Ed's Photo, Hill City, SD. Ed has photographed everything from dinosaur digs to studio setups for projects like Neal Larson's ammonite books. Ammonite enthusiasts will appreciate Ed's sharp and clear B&W and color photography found in these books for ammonite identification.

The Institute's research into fossils requires extensive use of graphic illustrations, as a fossils' attributes are often not easily seen through even the best photographs. To meet this need, the Institute has been aided by scientific illustrator Dorothy Sigler Norton of Science Graphics, Bend, Oregon. You will find Dorothy's illustrations throughout this site and in educational material produced by BHI. These wonderful illustrations are invaluable for describing the scientific aspects of fossil and mineral specimens.

If there are photos or graphics on this site that you would like to use, please contact BHI for permission. You can use the main contact page or the contact email form page. All photos and graphics on this site are copyright to BHI, as per copyright notice below, unless otherwise noted.

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All photographs, illustrations, other graphics, and text contained in this web site are protected under copyright laws and fair use standards. No graphical object or text, or portion thereof, may be duplicated or distributed without the express written consent of Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc. To request permission please go to the main contact page or the contact email form page.


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