Fossil Facts:  Downloads
Downloads concerning fossil legislation or similar topics:

(Note: you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader v.4 or greater to view most of these files)

 (Malaro_PoorSUE.pdf - 117k) Poor Sue - The Realities of Protecting Archeological and Paleontological Artifacts from Museum Governance: Mission, Ethics, Policy by Marie C. Malaro.

 (FossilColl_Reg_Hist.pdf - 132k) Fossil Collecting On Public Lands Regulatory History

 (NLarson_GCG_Talk.pdf - 96k) An article by Neal Larson about science and selling fossils.

 - Law and Policy - A description of policy regarding collecting on 'public' lands.

 - Download Page - Downloadable material concerning collecting on 'public' lands.


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