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Viewing Multimedia

This site contains over 400 pictures. Beyond those pictures is media that requires more than just your plain old browser to view. The two technologies implemented are QuickTime™, by Apple Computer Company, and regular 3-D Stereo (red / blue glasses)

These icons are used to denote media formats:
Zoom Icon A large picture (close-up).
Slide Show Icon A slide show in a pop-up window.
3D Glasses Icon A stereo (3D) picture. Red/Blue glasses required.
QT Movie Icon A QuickTime video clip.
QT Object Movie Icon A QuickTime Virtual Reality object movie - grab the object and turn it which ever way it goes (look for interesting 'hot spots' to click)
QT Panorama Icon A QuickTime Virtual Reality panorama movie - spin 360x180 degrees - some have stereo multidirectional sound tracks!


Viewing QuickTime content requires a plugin for your browser to show the media embedded on pages in this site (as well as others). You probably already have the QuickTime plugin installed on your computer. To check if it is installed click on the left graphic.

Get QT

Apple QuickTime Help Pages

Apple Computer's web site has a wonderful showcase of its powerful QuickTime media and excellent tutorials on using its media player and navigating virtual reality movies. Check out the 'Help' page first after downloading or whenever you need a refresher on how to navigate/use QuickTime movies.

3D Red/Blue Glasses3D Glasses Icon

The stereo photos on our site require regular Red/Blue 'anaglyph' stereo glasses (RED lens over the LEFT eye). There are several companies on the internet where you can pick up a pair for less than $1.50, or purchase a more comfortable and durable high-end model for around $7.00. These are the same as the ones used in the fifties except for the higher manufacturing standards that they are produced under today. BHI does NOT supply or offer these glasses for sale.

Online 3D 'anaglyph' glasses companies: (remember: red lens over left eye!)

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