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During much of the Cretaceous South Dakota was submerged by an epicontinental sea, known as the Western Interior Seaway. This seaway provided a warm and tropical habitat for a large number of animals, including cephalopods (ammonites, squids & nautilus), marine reptiles (mosasaurs & plesiosaurs), giant turtles (Archelon), early birds (Hesperornis), and flying reptiles (Pteranodon). South Dakota is known for an abundance of ammonite fossils. Ammonites, like all living cephalopods, were predatory, but few reached a size that would place them at the top of the food chain. These beautiful animals had to be ever watchful of the even larger predators looking to make a meal of them.

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Placenticeras meeki showing Mosasaur Bite - Fossil Replica
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Placenticeras meeki showing Mosasaur Bite - Fossil Replica   
BHI #126462

Incredible preservation of an obvious mosasaur bite!

Our price: $1,500.00
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