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In addition to original fossil displays and museum quality casts of actual dinosaur bones and other fossils, Black Hills Institute also offers scale models and sculptures from many talented individuals. This section includes high quality resin, bronze, and pewter reproductions of skeletons, skulls, 'fleshed on' reconstructions, 'scenes' of dinosaurs interacting with one another. Museum quality art.

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Favorite Collection Models, Toys and Collectibles
Museum quality scale models of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, sculpted using the latest scientific facts and discoveries.
Safari, Ltd Models, Toys and Collectibles
Dinosaur and other fossil collectibles from the well-known quality toy manufacturer, Safari LtdŽ
PAPO figurines
Toys from the exceptional line of PAPO figurines.

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Allosaurus sp. BIG AL TWO Bust  - Sculpture
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Allosaurus sp. BIG AL TWO Bust - Sculpture   
BHI #126935

BIG AL TWO (In The Flesh) is a forensic-type reconstruction of an Allosaurus skull by artist Michael Berglund.

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Tyrannosaurus rex STAN - 'Still Standing' - Sculpture
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Tyrannosaurus rex STAN - 'Still Standing' - Sculpture   
BHI #127132 Sculpture of battleworn but STILL STANDING, STAN T. rex by Michael Berglund
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Tyrannosaurus rex STAN 1/6 Scale Skull Rapid Prototype - Fossil Replica
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Tyrannosaurus rex STAN 1/6 Scale Skull Rapid Prototype - Fossil Replica   
BHI #127301

This sixth scale Tyrannosaurus rex STAN skull is a reduced scale cast (not a sculpted model) made from a rapid prototype of the original fossil!

Starting price: $870.00
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