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Whales are members of the Order Cetacea. The whale’s closest living relative is the Hippopotamus, an artiodactyl, it is believed their common ancestor (anthracothere) took to the water about 55 MYA and within 5 to 10 million years they had completely adapted to an aquatic life. Like all mammals, whales are warm-blooded animals with lungs that breathe air and mammary glands from which they nurse their young for a full year. Whales are comprised of two major groups baleen and toothed. Baleen whales are the larger of the two groups, they filter plankton through the baleen (keratin plates) attached to the upper jaw. Toothed whales, though smaller than baleen whales, are still quite large. They use echolocation to sense their surroundings, and possibly to find food, fish and squid. All whale are considered predators. Modern day whales live anywhere from 40 to 200 years.

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cf. Plesiocetus sp. Baleen Whale - COOKIE MONSTER - Original Fossil
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cf. Plesiocetus sp. Baleen Whale - COOKIE MONSTER - Original Fossil   
BHI #126969

We call this original fossil Baleen whale "Cookie Monster". It is comprised of a skull with lower jaws, many vertebrae, and several ribs.

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