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Sauropod dinosaurs were the largest creatures to walk the earth. These quadrupedal dinosaurs are characterized by their long neck and tail. Literally translated sauropod means ‘lizard feet’. These massive animals first appeared in the Late Triassic around 227 MYA, flourished throughout the Jurassic, and died out at the end of the Cretaceous. Like the theropods, sauropods were saurischian (lizard hipped) dinosaurs. These two groups of dinosaurs also shared very similar bone histology and respiratory systems. Sauropods and theropods, although very different, are more closely related to each other, than to ornithischian dinosaurs like Triceratops, Edmontosaurus and Stegosaurus.

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Brachiosaurus Femur - Fossil Replica
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Brachiosaurus Femur - Fossil Replica   
BHI #127460

Compare this Brachiosaurus femur to your own leg or to femurs of other dinosaurs.

Our price: $3,500.00
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Hypselosaurus priscus Egg Clutch - Research Replica
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Hypselosaurus priscus Egg Clutch - Research Replica   
BHI #126799

Titanosaurid (sauropod) egg clutch from France

Our price: $450.00
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