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The name ichthyosaur actually means fish-lizard. They were ocean dwelling reptiles. Their appearance is that of a cross between a dolphin and a fish. They had a dolphin like head with a long toothed snout, a body similar to a dolphin, but with a shark like dorsal fin and tail. Ichthyosaurs were swift predators well-adapted to hunting fish, cephalopods and other shell fish. This animal first appeared in the Mid-Triassic about 230 MYA, and died out in the Mid-Cretaceous about 90 MYA.

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Stenopterygius sp. Skeleton In Situ - Fossil Replica
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Stenopterygius sp. Skeleton In Situ - Fossil Replica   
BHI #127458

This Ichthyosaur is a classic specimen from Holzmaden, Germany.

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