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Pachypleurosaurs were long-necked marine reptiles that lived during the Mid Triassic Period. Originally classified as nothosaurs, these two groups exhibit a close resemblance to each other, however pachypleurosaurs lack the characteristic elongated rostrum and maxillary fangs of the nothosaurs. Pachypleurosaurs are all generally less than 1 meter in length. They most likely subsisted on small fish, and although they have some characteristics similar to land animals it is believed that their limbs would not have been capable of locomotion on land.

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Neusticosaurus edwardsii sp. Skeleton on Slab - Fossil Replica
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Neusticosaurus edwardsii sp. Skeleton on Slab - Fossil Replica   
BHI #126449

Pachypleurosaur skeleton (possible Plesiosaur ancestor) from Switzerland.

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