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  Rhinobatos maronita Ray-Guitarfish - Original Fossil  (BHI #127350)
Rhinobatos maronita Ray-Guitarfish - Original Fossil 
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Rhinobatos is a genus of guitarfish. This genus is still living in some tropical seas today. They have the appearance between that of a skate and a shark. The living species swims as a shark moving their tail and caudal fin in a side-to-side motion. They bury themselves in sandy, muddy and often weedy sea floors, near reefs waiting for food. Their diet consists mainly of invertebrates and small fish.

Rhinobatos are mid-sized rays. They have a pointed rostrum, with dorsal fins located near the posterior. The caudal fin lacks a lower lobe. Their skin was covered with seed like placoid scales. Their tiny teeth have lateral extensions that link them together forming a pavement; a large tooth may reach the size of a pinhead.

Fossil Rhinobatos would have lived in much the same way as its living counterpart. There are four known species of guitarfish from the Lebanese provinces of Hakel and Hajula. Rhinobatos maronita is one of these; this species was fist described in 1866 by Pictet and Humbert. One of the most noticeable distinguishing features of Rhinobatos maronita is the elongated pointed rostrum (nose).

The level of detail on this specimen is fantastic. This piece would be equally at home in a museum showroom or nestled in a place of honor in your home.  Bring the past to life by comparing this ancient Cretaceous guitarfish with its modern relatives.

Age    Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous 95 - 99 MYA
Locality    Hakel, Lebanon
Size     ~12" l x 4.5" h (30 x 11 cm)

Price:  $2,100.00

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Rhinobatos maronita Ray-Guitarfish - Original Fossil Rhinobatos maronita Ray-Guitarfish - Original Fossil
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