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  Ancient Forests - Book  (BHI #127094)
Ancient Forests - Book 
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Frank Daniels has done it again with this amazing book on fossil woods. Ancient Forests offers an opportunity to investigate the forests of the past. Study the primeval woods from the remarkable and unusual to the more familiar. Learn about how these natural wonders were formed and where they are found.

Filled with color photographs, this book is both education and beautiful. Great as a fossil wood identification guide or as an irresistible coffee table book.

Credit    By Frank J. Daniels and Richard D. Dayvault, Photography by Frank J. Daniels
Source    Western Colorado Publishing Company
Notes    Hardcover, 450 pages
Size    12.5" l x 11.5" w x 1.5" h (31 x 29 x 4 cm)

Price:  $89.95

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