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  Gorgosaurus sp. Braincase with Pathology - Fossil Replica  (BHI #127641)
Gorgosaurus sp. Braincase with Pathology - Fossil Replica 
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This Gorgosaurus was plagued with disease; so much so that you could build a pathology exhibit on this one animal alone! We cast this braincase in two sections, to allow the tumor to be viewed.

This is a perfect addition to any pathologies exhibit or as an addition to any educational exhibit on dinosaurs and the extreme conditions they sometimes had to live through.

Perfect for display in your showroom, center, museum or home.

Age    Late Cretaceous [~75 MYA]
Locality    Two Medicine Formation, Teton County, Montana, USA
Credit    The original fossil is on display at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana.
Notes    May take approximately four weeks for delivery. Check with us to see if an earlier delivery is possible.
Size    ~30” h x 30” w (76 x 76 cm)
Catalog PDF      BHIGR_Gorgosaurus.pdf - 1 MB  (requires Adobe Reader 5 or higher)
Lease Info    This item is leasable at 10% of listed price per month. See our Lease Program page for more details.

Price:  $900.00

Please contact us for an estimate on a delivery date. We do not keep this item stocked - it is created when an order has been placed. Delivery may be contingent upon BHI's or a BHI affiliate's production schedule.

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