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  Gorgosaurus sp. Furcula - Research Replica  (BHI #127439)
Gorgosaurus sp. Furcula - Research Replica 
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The original fossil Gorgosaurus was discovered and collected by the Linster family from within a Maiasaura bone bed on their property.

This furcula demonstrates how closely Theropod dinosaurs are related to living birds, and shows that Gorgosaurus was more closely related to a Hummingbird than to Triceratops!

Available as an unpainted, unmounted cast suitable for some research or reference purposes. Note: some portions of the original fossil may have been scientifically restored.

Age    Late Cretaceous [~75 MYA]
Locality    Two Medicine Formation, Teton County, Montana, USA
Credit    The original fossil is on display at The Children's Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Notes    Photo represents what this cast may look like if finished for display. Custom painting is available upon request, for an additional fee. Please contact us with your questions.
Size    ~ 7" l (18 cm)
Catalog PDF      BHIGR_Gorgosaurus.pdf - 1 MB  (requires Adobe Reader 5 or higher)

Price:  $110.00

Please contact us for an estimate on a delivery date. We do not keep this item stocked - it is created when an order has been placed. Delivery may be contingent upon BHI's or a BHI affiliate's production schedule.

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