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  Julieraptor Dromaeosaurid Theropod Skeleton - Fossil Replica  (BHI #100128365)
Julieraptor Dromaeosaurid Theropod Skeleton - Fossil Replica 
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'Julieraptor' is a recently discovered dromaeosaurid theropod from the Judith River Formation of Montana. This group of dinosaurs shares many of the same characteristics as birds, including an ossified sternum, furcula and feathers.

'Julieraptor' is about the same size as a modern wild turkey, and is currently the most complete dromaeosaurid raptor found in North America. This as yet undescribed new genus and species has many differences from another significant small raptor, Bambiraptor; primarily in the ilia, scapula, arms, hands, feet and size (about 35% larger than Bambiraptor).

BHI completed the preparation and restoration of this wonderful dinosaur in 2010. The skeleton is remarkably complete, with many of the post-cranial bones. Bone preservation is excellent and most bones are well inflated. The skeleton boasts nearly complete legs, arms and feet (missing only 2 bones from the right foot, 4 bones from the hands), complete dorsal and cervical vertebrae series, nearly complete rib cage, and nearly 2/3 of the caudal vertebrae series. Unfortunately, it lacks toothbearing skull elements, ischia, sacrum and most chevrons.

Age    Late Cretaceous, Campanian [~75 MYA]
Locality    Judith River Formation, Phillips County, MT, USA
Credit    The original skeleton will be permanently housed at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.
Notes    May take approximately three months for production. Check with us to see if an earlier delivery is possible.
Size    ~ 48” l x 16” w (122 x 41 cm)
Extras    Crate and packing fees apply. Please contact us for details.

Price:  $12,500.00

Please contact us for an estimate on a delivery date. We do not keep this item stocked - it is created when an order has been placed. Delivery may be contingent upon BHI's or a BHI affiliate's production schedule.

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