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  Styracosaurus Soft Model -Series 3  (BHI #100128712)
Styracosaurus Soft Model -Series 3 
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From the wildly popular series of collectibles known as 'Favorite Collection Soft Models' comes a new line of colorful dinosaur figurines. These new additions to the 'Soft Model' series are high quality and environmentally friendly. They are scientifically accurate and exceptionally detailed.
These models are produced using PVC (a somewhat rigid yet flexible material). The PVC has been determined by a German testing company to be free of toxic material or paint.

All 'Soft Model' toys are individually bubble-packed. As with any individually produced and hand-painted product, slight variations in color may occur.

Collect them all!

Age    Cretaceous
Locality    North America
Source    Favorite Collection
Source #    FDW007
Notes    BHI is a U.S. distributor of Favorite Collection products. If you are a retailer and would like information about carrying these products, please contact our sales department.
Size    ~ 8" l x 2" w x 3.5" h (20 x 5 x 9 cm)

Price:  $12.95

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1. Ankylosaurus - Soft (PVC) Model Toy
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