Black Hills Institute of Geological Research (BHI), has been the leader in paleontological excavations and preparation since 1974, helping supply museums and collectors the finest in professionally prepared fossils and cast replicas. From dinosaurs to mammals, reptiles to pteranodons, ammonites to fish, and crinoids to trilobites, BHI has done it all, and done it all well.


— BHI friend and associate, Michael Berglund was recently featured on a Minnesota television show called MN Original. Michael speaks of his association with BHI and the world of paleontology, and how his childhood interest in dinosaurs has developed into some exceptionally detailed and scientifically accurate sculptures including a 1/6 scale life model of STAN T. rex. The show can be seen in its entirety here. There is also a bonus clip with a discussion on how he decided to tweak STAN's ears!

— The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS) was organized in 1978 to create a professional association of commercial fossil dealers, collectors, enthusiasts, and academic paleontologists for the purpose of promoting ethical collecting practices and cooperative liaisons with researchers, instructors, curators and exhibit managers in the paleontological academic and museum community. View the AAPS code of ethics here.

Much of our staff is actively engaged in the ongoing research of fossil vertebrates, invertebrates, and Black Hills minerals. To help accomplish this, we have an extensive reference library that covers a large portion of the vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology from the North American Western Interior, along with the geology and mineralogy of this region.

We have been involved with the excavation of eight Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons since 1990, including SUE, STAN, BUCKY, DUFFY, and WYREX - interestingly, these five are among the top 10 most complete T. rex skeletons yet discovered. We offer research quality museum casts of STAN (the best skull of any rex), and of DUFFY. We are currently working on the skeletons of both DUFFY and WYREX.

Since 1979, BHI has also been involved in the excavation, preparation, mounting, molding, and casting of other Late Cretaceous dinosaurs from the Hell Creek and Lance Formations. These dinosaurs include Tyrannosaurus rex, Edmontosaurus annectens, Triceratops horridus, Struthiomimus sedens, and more. BHI has also begun collecting and preparing Late Jurassic dinosaurs from the Morrison Formation.

BHI has always been known for its beautiful and unique Late Cretaceous ammonites of the Western Interior such as Placenticeras, Sphenodiscus, Didymoceras, Baculites, and Hoploscaphites. We have collected and prepared all different types of invertebrates, including trilobites, crinoids, and many species of mollusks.

BHI also carries a large selection of fossil mammals from the Oligocene, White River Group; fish from the Eocene, Green River Formation, and the Cretaceous of Lebanon; along with a good selection of minerals and fossils from various worldwide locations.

If you need fossils, minerals, preparation, molding, mounting, or permanent or temporary exhibits built for your museum or your collection; please consider making BHI your choice for the best of paleontological specimens and service. Contact the staff at BHI and ask for their help in fulfilling your needs, or browse our online catalog.

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